The Bailey's | Logansport, IN | A Family Story

The Bailey’s,

I had so much fun going with you all to France Park. It was such a fabulous way to spend a beautiful day. We walked the trails, saw a snake on the waterfall, played in the water, and got toasted from the sun. Also, (to the Kasten’s) thank you for choosing me to photograph Audrey for her 2 year pictures. Being able to capture her personality just a bit as she played in the creek with the rocks was so sweet. She is one cute kid!! Actually, all the kids are cute!

Love you all,

Danyell Lang

Mommy & Kai | Winamac, IN | A Family Story

Nicole & Kai,

You were so fun to play with. Kai, thank you for showing me how you drive your cool jeep, how you can do a flip on the trampoline, how you swing on your jungle gym, and how you can run fast to pop all the bubbles. I laughed so much at your adorable 2 year old mind as you tried to count and tried to think through different things. Also, I just want to give a major shout out to you, Nicole, for being such an amazing mom!!

Forever family,

Danyell Lang

Michelle & Kevin | Winamac, IN | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bangel,

Being able to spend the day together with you two was an absolute dream. We will never forget this hot summer day, when you, Kevin, saw Michelle walk down the aisle in the church where you met. We watched as she brought the biggest smile to your face, her dad hugged her tight, and you both said your vows surrounded by family and loved ones. Congratulations to you and your lovely new family!

Forever in love,

Danyell & Trevor Lang

Salena & Dylan | Francesville, IN | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Siebert,

Every aspect of your wedding day flowed seamlessly in endless fun loving moments filled with laughter, joyful tears, and many smiles. Having already started your family, these moments of legal commitment only solidified what love you already shared for one another. Thank you both for letting me document your special day; this highlight video is only bits of the pure happiness that I was able to capture, and I can't wait for you to get all of the footage.

Wishing you many more memories,

Danyell Lang

Mommy & Amyra | Winamac, IN | A Family Story

Courtney & Amyra,

Thank you for letting me play with you at the town park. I loved playing with bubbles, going on walks, watching you run around the playground, and splashing in the river with you. Amyra—you are the cutest, bravest, and most confident little girl I have ever met! Courtney—I’m sure that being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and sometimes twice the tears, but it’s also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride. You two are the sweetest little duo, and I’d spend any Sunday playing in the park with you!

Extra love,

Danyell Lang

Rebecca & Mark | Holyrood, KS | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hoffhines,

You both have been such a big part of our lives for a long time. We are so grateful that you chose Lang Videography to capture your big day. I loved the rap singing as you (Becky) got ready, I loved the letter reading as both your hands shook and you joked around, I loved that your excitement for the big day came off as complete joy and laughter. You two are such a great pair, the cinnamon and sugar as they say. Keep being silly, laughing a lot, and just enjoying each other. We miss you both already!


Danyell Lang (& Trevor too)

Jordan & Maurice | Lawrence, KS | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Griffin,

Your tear-filled day couldn't have been any more perfect. You each showed so much love and patience towards one another that it was clear that this relationship was meant to be. Near and far, no matter the distance, this love was bound to happen no matter what bumps along the road came along. Sending you well wishes all the way from Indiana.

Love knows no bounds,

Danyell & Trevor Lang

Cali & Mason | Lee's Summit, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lalli,

The speeches given at your reception were some of the sweetest words that I’ve ever heard. You could feel the massive amount of support and love from your family and friends that you had surrounding you on your big day. Hearing your brother speak about your silent strength and encouraging you to keep Christ at the center of your relationship would bring tears to my eyes as I edited this film. I know that your love will continue strong and endure forever—not many people can say that they ended up with their high school sweetheart, but here we are.

True love is forever,

Danyell & Trevor Lang

Tiffaney & Marcus | Kansas City, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Locke,

Your love for one another is the epitome of the idea that sometimes we meet the right person but at the wrong time, but eventually it always works out. Sometimes love takes time before you get it #loveonlocke. Love isn’t something that you can control, and sometimes it just happens, and you can’t explain why out of all the people in the world your heart decided to skip a beat just for this specific person over and over again. Thank you for taking the time to consider me to be part of your long awaited and special day.

Here’s to many years to come,

Danyell Lang

The Clough's | Hutchinson, KS | A Family Story

The Clough’s,

Thank you for being the very first family to let us try something new. We are so excited to be sharing more family and lifestyle videos. Telling your story as a family with a few adventurous clips was a beautiful mess. Even with all of the mosquitos, the heat, and your crazy boys, we are so proud of the way that this video and these pictures turned out. I can’t wait to capture your family again next year so that we can compare how your little munchkins grows!

Love you forever,

Danyell & Trevor Lang

Alyshia & Karl | Winamac, IN | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Rebeck,

The amount of laughter and joy that was shared between the both of you on your wedding day was incredible. I absolutely loved being a part of your celebration and couldn’t have been more thankful for the happiness and tears of joy that I witnessed of your family, friends, and everyone in attendance. It was truly an honor to be able to capture your story on this special day, and I will always be ready to share in your laughter, brilliant light, and lifelong friendship as you share it in abundance with everyone else.

Many well wishes,

Danyell Lang

Melody & Alex | Indianapolis, IN | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pancheri,

The moment I arrived at your venue, I knew the wedding would be beautiful. The sun was shining, the sky was so blue, and everything was decorated in such a lovely manner. Alex and Melody, your day was one to remember--from the BBQ parkas that your guests wore, to the heart felt poems during your ceremony. I am so glad I was able to capture your story!


Danyell Lang

Genny & Matt | St. Joseph, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Percell,

One rainy Saturday in March, you shared your vows in front of your closest friends and family. As the rain poured down off and on throughout the day no one thought of anything other than your abundance of love for each other flooding the world. Genny and Matt, everytime it rains for the rest of your life I hope you are blessed with the reminder of this special day. Capturing your story, filming every moment of your day, and being able to be a part of such a tender time was such a blessing for us.

Best wishes,

Danyell & Trevor

Natlie & Kyrwin | Overland Park, KS | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bristol,

Thank you for allowing me to capture all of your special moments. Your vow renewal was often tear jerking in a way that I’m sure you two felt as well. The entire room could feel the love, happiness, and pure joy that you both share with one another. Thank you for inviting me to the party and giving me the opportunity to showcase your perfect day with this video.

All the best,

Danyell Lang

Jenni & Jordan | Camden, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Woodke/Fields,

I cannot express how grateful I am that you made the decision to book Lang Videography for your big day! Even though it was a last minute scheduling, I loved every minute of your big day. You both are so sweet to one another, and the amount of joy you both had that day was contagious. Short, sweet, and fun Friday weddings are some of my favorites!

I’d party with you any day,

Danyell Lang

Cailley & Ryan | Pleasant Hill, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hendricks,

You were such a poised and together couple. Nothing appeared to stress either of you out on your big day, and I have to think that it was all due to the love and trust that you both share for one another. Thank you for allowing us to capture your entire day and be part of every special moment. Your entire ceremony was so special, and we really loved your unique blanket ceremony with your families. We hope you have many more happy, family filled, loving moments for many years to come.

With love,

Danyell & Trevor

Nicole & Tyler | Rochester, IN | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Katschke,

You two have been an important part of our family’s lives for as long as I can remember. It seems as though you’ve always been together. Thank you for being the first to reach out about filming your wedding and igniting a spark of creativity that has led me to film many many more wedding since. Your love for each other and Kai really was truly heart warming to see on your big day.

Love always,

Danyell & Trevor

Halley & Chance | Shawnee, KS | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Parsons,

Meeting you two was a whirlwind of joy—within a matter of minutes I could see the love and happiness that both of your shared between one another as well as with all others. Your constant cheerfulness throughout your big day made capturing every moment a carefree experience. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story on a day that matters so much. We are thrilled to have met you and send many well wishes your way.

Keep in touch,

Danyell & Trevor

Jess & Joey | Weston, MO | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Clevenger,

They say that “Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. As you know, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel!” I find that this old adage will ring true for you two. As the rain sprinkled down on your big day, the smiles and love shared between both of you never ceased. Thank you for allowing me to capture all of the happiness and joy that you share, the fun loving spirit of all of your friends and family, and the magic of rainbows at you said your I Do’s. I hope you love this highlight video that showcases just how sunny your day really was.

Millions of smiles,

Danyell & Trevor

Larra & Michael | Kansas City, KS | A Wedding Story

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Florence,

Your wedding was truly magical. From the moment I walked into the dreamy Chateau Avalon I knew this day would be special for you two. It was like a fairytale watching Larra get ready from the beautifully curly hair, to the perfect lipstick, and of course the crown to top it off. Your Beauty and the Beast styled attire really suited the venue and felt like it was straight out of a book. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tell your story on this special day. I truly hope that you enjoy my highlight reel that only shows a glimmer of the magic from your wedding day.

True love is forever,

Danyell & Trevor